Traveling with my mind, by air, by sea, on the ground

"Coelum, Mare, Terra" is a series composed of three abstract works that represent the three fundamental ecosystems at the core of life on Earth, and upon which we must focus for their preservation and the future of humanity.

The "Coelum" is populated by clouds that form suggestive shapes, sometimes representing images that imprint themselves in our minds, like the image of Aeolus, whose breath is the origin of the winds. "Mare" is depicted with rippling waves that, under the sunlight, take on a variety of colors, akin to the diversity of continents and civilizations that grace its shores. Finally, "Terra"  is portrayed as the mother of animals, plants, and all forms of life that find their existence and demise within it, merging into the complexity of natural elements and its ponds

These works invite reflection on the importance of preserving and protecting these vital ecosystems to ensure a sustainable future for all of humanity.