Self portrait - "ready for a new art work in my digital atelier "

Marco Raimondo 

Multimedia artist, residing in Milan, and for 35 years and more immersed in the world of computer science by profession.

His artistic journey is characterized by a fusion of experimentation within the realm of modern Digital Art. His work navigates the innovative and multifaceted landscape of this medium, imbuing it with a sense of experimentation and futurism. 

The artist's creations invite the viewers into a world of vibrant colors and evocative sensations, encouraging them to interpret and explore the depths of his work through their own imaginative lenses

His art seeks to bridge the gap between internal introspection and external expression. He delves into the complexities of human perception, inviting viewers to contemplate the fluid relationship between internal thoughts and external realities. The artist's approach to art mirrors the dynamic interplay between the internal and external worlds, resulting in a rich tapestry of visual storytelling.

Building upon the foundation of his abstract artistry, Marco Raimondo also delves into the realm of female portraiture, blending traditional methods with cutting-edge digital techniques, including artificial intelligence. His portraits, infused with depth and introspection, beckon viewers to. further ponder the complexities of the human mind. 

His artistic journey began under the guidance of his mother, a ceramist, who nurtured his passion for drawing and color since childhood, fostering numerous visits to art exhibitions and museums both locally and internationally.

Throughout his classical studies and subsequent degree in electronic engineering, he maintained a fervent dedication to the arts, honing his skills in modeling, painting military lead figures showcased in local exhibitions. In recent years, captivated by the advanced drawing tools available on personal computers, he embarked on an exploration of innovative media and digital art.

A selection of his artworks is available on :


Saatchi Art